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Get lost in the majesty of our natural world

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In a Sustainable Way


Bamboo prints are renewable, eco-friendly and entirely biodegradable

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From Your Oasis


Beautiful exotic moments captured to enhance your spaces

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Grounded seeks to inspire people to pause in the daily hustle of modern life and breathe the oxygen that is around us.

It stands out with the intention of connecting the body, mind and soul to the Earth that’s beneath us.

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Meet the Artist

Anabella Borges Zingg founded ABZINGG in 2013 and has been capturing the world from her unique and uplifting perspectives ever since, allowing her audience to connect on a spiritual level with the natural world that surrounds us.

Her work inspires us to be present in every given situation and find the beauty that is within everything.

Its not always about the perfect picture, the perfect light, the perfect wave or the perfect sun. It is about submerging yourself with a picture that resonates with you, one that will empower your choice to be here, now.

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